Biscuits & pastries




Occhi di Bue (Giant Jam Biscuits)

£1.20 each






Canestrelli alla Marmellata

(Apricot Jam Biscuits)

£0.30 each




Biscotti Frolla Montata (Viennese Biscuits)





Apple Roses Cups 

£0.95 each




Italian Croissants 

Plain : £0.80 each

Filled with Creme Patissiere, Nutella or Jam

£1.20 each




Maritozzi Con Panna (Fresh Cream Brioche Buns)

£1.95 each



Zeppole di S. Giuseppe (Choux Buns topped with Creme Patissiere)

£2.50 each

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